A very experienced team in the technical & cleaning industry, specializing in providing our clients with tailored products at cost-effective rates. Service is focused on operational delivery, which is supported by the commitment of staff via our approved training program, thereby resulting in a self-monitoring operation.

Electricity works

All electrical works, including the installation and extension of electrical appliances, internal and external lighting, and the installation and assembly of electrical panels. All you have to do is call 0567045767.

Plumbing Works

Providing all plumbing works such as assembling and installing sanitary and household appliances, mixers, showers, along with bathroom and kitchen accessories.

Household Works

All technical work on household appliances, installation of blinds, satellite TV and installation of televisions.

Extension of wires and cables

Installation and extension of all kinds of electrical wires, internet, TV Dish, satellite, surveillance equipment, and cameras at the hands of trained technicians.

Decoration and Lighting Works

Establishing all interior decoration works and suspended ceilings and installing the necessary tools according to the customer’s choice in the required colors and shapes.

Efficiency and Quality

All work is done by skilled technicians trained in all technical work, each according to their specialization to provide the best quality at the lowest price and least possible time

Our Services Include

Lighting Upgrades

Install A Ceiling Fan

Backup Generators

Wiring Upgrades

LED Lighting

Insurance Inspections

  • Move In/Outs & Deep Cleaning services

  • Recurring discounts (monthly 5% off)

  • Simple flat rate pricing for you & your family!

  • Easy online booking

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